CERTIFIED Records Management operates secure record centers to make your document management program more efficient.  Each carton is assigned a designated space, assigned by barcode technology for accurate retrieval, refilling, and tracking.


CERTIFIED is committed to saving you 20% on your records management program. We provide:
  -  Computerized indexing of your
     records for immediate retrieval
  -  Each department is listed
     separately and will receive
     individual storage
  -  Service billing is easy to read and comprehend

CERTIFIED provides local and personal customer service representatives
  -  Your files can be accessed
     24 hours a day, 365 days/yr
  -  On-call or scheduled courier
     service for direct pickup and
  -  Low cost "Miracle Box" storage containers are available


CERTIFIED facilities provide a safe and confidential environment for your records. We provide:
  -  24-hour a day security,
     monitored by a central station
  -  Automatic zone sprinkler and
     fire protection
  -  Strict client identification
     procedures prohibiting unauthorized access to your records



CERTIFIED offers an online records management system to help you keep track of your records.  Along with secure document storage we also provide:
  -  Web-Based Inventory
  -  Barcode Tracking Technology
  -  Active File Storage
  -  Inactive File Storage
  -  Computer Indexing and      Management Reports
  -  Retrieval/Refiling Service
  -  Daily Pickup/Delivery Service
  -  Emergency 24 Hour Access
  -  Client Reference Room
  -  24/7 Security and Fire
     Suppression System

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